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2021 Prof. T. Pradeep
Professor of Chemistry
TM, Chennai
For his significant contribution to the discovery of advanced materials and phenomena to remove containments, ‘especially pesticides and arsenic, from water, He is a pioneer in nano-technology
for drinking water purification,
Dr. P. Thanikalvelan
Senior Principal Scientist
CCSIR-Central Leather Research Institute
For his ground breaking contribution to the understanding of leather making
processes from first principles in rendering them environmentally more sustainable and economically viable.
2020 Dr. Parmod S. Kumbhar
President & Chief Technology Officer
Praj Industries Led,
For his development of unique furfural technology first for an Indian company, from CS sugars derived from Biomass, which is licensed to BASF, an European Chemical Giant.
2019 Dr. N. V. Choudary
Scientist Emeritus
HPCL, Bengaluru
For development of over 40 products & processes, which include adsorbents and adsorption processes,catalyst and catalytic processes, processes chemicals for petroleum refining.
Dr. S. V. Joshi
Head, Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Technology
ICT, Mumbai
For Introducing cost-effective technologies for many generic APIs on ‘commercial scale, leading to the availability of generic APIs to Indian population at affordable prices.
2018 Dr. Srivari Chandrasekhar
Director, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad
For contributions to the total synthesis of scarce marine natural products and organ catalysts which are globally recognized. Fourteen processes developed for semi-synthetic drugs and pharmaceuticals have been commercialized.
2017 Dr. Madhukar O.Garg
President, Refining and Petrochemicals R&D, Reliance Research and Development Center, Mumbai
For significant contributions in the area of petroleum refining and petrochemicals through commercialization of twenty-five technologies as regards solvent extraction and thirteen technologies in refining and petrochemicals.
2016 Dr A. A. Kulkarni
Scientist, CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune
Evolution of engineering designs for several multi-phase reactors, including micro-reactors and flow reactors.
2016 Dr. R. S. Somani
Inorganic Materials & Catalysis Division, CSIR-CSMCRI, Bhavnagar
Development of technology for the manufacture of Zeolite-A (detergent builder) from sodium aluminium liquor and from low grade Kutch Bauxite.
2015 Dr. A. K. Das
Head (Refinery R&D and Process Dev), Reliance Industries Ltd., Jamnagar Refinery, Jamnagar
Development of several processes, namely Indane maximization – INDMAX,Needle coke, etc. from concept to commercialization for conversion of residues to LPG and light olefins. Setting up facilities for refinery process research and FCC laboratory; development of FCC kinetic model and marketing of refining technologies.
2014 Dr. V. V. Ranade
Dy. Director, NCL, Pune
For the development of CFD Simulation for design of chemical equipments which has been widely accepted by diverse range of chemical industry.
Dr. R. Natarajan
Director, Reprocessing Group, IGCAR, Kalpakkam
For developing process and equipments for processing and reprocessing of nuclear reactor fuel.
2013 Dr. Ulhas Kharul
Sr. Principal Scientist, CSIR – NCL, Pune
For developing technologies for manufacturing ultra-filtration membranes for drinking water purification.
Dr. A. V. R. Reddy
Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR- CSMCRI, Bhavnagar
For developing the thin film composite R. O. membrane for desalination and hollow fibre membrane technology for drinking water purification.
2012 Dr. R. B. N. Prasad
Chief Scientist & Head, IICT, Hyderabad
For developing a novel enzymatic degumming process for rice bran oil production.
Prof. B. N. Thorat
Dept. of Chemical Engg.ICT,Mumbai
For developing ‘Solar Conduction Dryer’ technology having significant potential in post harvest preservation of food products.
2011 Prof. Ashok Kumar Shukla
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
He has developed several of electrochemical energy storage systems which have been patented and some of them have been commercialized by companies in India.
Dr. Darbha Srinivas
Chief Scientist & Professor AcSIR National Chemical Laboratory, Pune
His research on solid catalyzed transesterification of fatty acid triglycerides to biodiesel has been licensed to a US Company which has built a pilot installation which is working satisfactorily.
2010 Dr. Pushpito Kumar Ghosh
Director, CSMCRI, Bhavnagar
His accomplishments cover a wide range of derived products and biofuels.These include, water desalination technologies. Innovations related to common salt production, low sodium salt, recovery of potash, production of carrageenan, biodiesel from Jatropha etc.
2009 Shri Sandip Kumar Ghosh
Director, Chemical Engg. Group, BARC, Mumbai
He has significant contribution in the process development and recovery of nuclear materials of interest to DAE from ores, intermediates and waste streams.
Dr. N. P. H. Padmanabhan
MGM Chair Professor, School of Minerals Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar
He has made a Group to develop a technoeconomically viable process flow-sheet to extract Uranium from the ores of Tummalapalle, Andhra Pradesh and the process has been translated into a 3000 tpd operating industrial plant.
2008 Dr. A. J. Varma
Dy. Director (Scientist ‘G’), NCL, Pune
For contribution in the development of high pressure steam based process for the conversion of waste NCL, Pune agricultural product such as sugarcane bagasse into high value constituent polymers such as Cellulose, Hemicellulose and Lignin.
2007 Dr. V. K. Gupta
Head & Vice President, Reliance Industries Ltd, Hazira Mfg Dvn, Surat
For contribution in the development of RELCAT and series of catalyst for the manufacture of a polypropylene.
2006 Dr. R. V. Jasra
Senior Vice President, Reliance Industries Ltd, Vadodara
For development of catalysis based synthesis routes for chemicals such as Styrene Epoxide, 2 ethyl – Hexanol & Food Grade Hexane which have been commercialized.
2005 Dr. A. B. Halgeri
IPCL, Baroda
For development of new generation super selective geolite based catalyst for manufacture of Para diethyl benzene (P D E B) by adsorptive separation process.
2004 Dr. K.R. Krishnamurthy
Vice President (R&D) & Head, IPCL, Baroda
For development of catalysts and catalytic processes in petrochemical and petroleum refining industries.
2003 Shri Prashant Purushottam Barve
Scientist E-II, National Chemical, Laboratory, Pune
For development of Arylamido Tert Butyl Sulfonicacid (ATBS) specialty polymers used in acrylic fibers enhanced oil recovery and water treatment.
2002 Dr. R. A. Joshi
Division of Organic Chemistry, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune
For pioneering contributions in drugs and pharmaceuticals. He has developed chiral drugs such as S-amlodipine besylate as well as Vitamin B6, cetirizine hydrochloride, nevirapine, atorvastain and pioglitazone.
2001 No Award
2000 Dr. G. N. Qazi 
Director, RRL, Jammu
For development of environmentally sound fermentation process for production of D-gluconates.
1999 Dr. J. S. Yadav 
Deputy Director, IICT, Hyderabad
For his contributions in development of drugs and their intermediates and agrochemicals.
1998 Shri Maheshkumar Ramniklal Gandhi 
Central Salt & Marine Research Institute Bhavnagar
Development of detergent grade Zeolite.
1997 Dr. T. Ramasami 
Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai
Development of chromium aluminum synthetic tanning agent, Alcrotan.
1996 Dr. A. B. Pandit
U D C T, Mumbai
Development of multiphase reactor and bubble dynamics in large- scale fermenter.
1995 Dr. G. D. Yadav
University Dept of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
Contribution to phase transfer catalysis, flow through porous media and enhance oil recovery.
1994 Dr. M. K. Gurjar
Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad
Contribution towards the synthesis of drugs and development of novel method for drug manufacturing.
1993 Dr. Vasant Ramchandra Choudhary
Scientist-F, Chemical Engineering Division, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune
He has made several original contributions, with many firsts to his credit, in frontier areas of great scientific and technological
importance. National Chemical Laboratory, Pune His very recent work on the complying of exothermic and a endothermic process (by carrying out them simultaneously) in the conversion of natural gas to ethylene and syngas has eliminated most of the serious limitations of the oxidative natural gas conversion processes, thus increasing greatly their techno economical feasibility.
1992 Prof. Joshi Jyeshtharaj Bhalchandra
Professor of Chemical Engineering,
Dept. of Chemical Technology, University of Bombay, Matunga, Bombay
Developed reliable, rational and unified design procedure for mechanically agitated and sparked multiphase reactors.
1991 Shri Subramanian Sivasanker For developing catalysis and processes for the dewaxing of Petroleum fractions in the diesel and lube oil ranges.
1990  No Award
1989 Dr. Raghunath Vitthal Chaudhari


For his outstanding contributions in the area of Chemical Reaction Engineering and Industrial Homogeneous Catalysis.
1988 Dr. U. T. Bhalerao

Dr. A. A. Khan

Shri R.N. Parlikar 
Indian Institute of Chemical Technology Hyderabad

Development of Process Technology of pesticides-Chlorpyriphos
Monocrotophos, DDVP Butachior (Herbicide).
1987 Dr. S. Sivaram
Sr. Manager (R&D)

Dr. M. Ravindranathan 
Manager (R&D) Research Centre Indian Petrochemicals Corp. Ltd. Vadodara

Development of active Copper Catalysts for hydration of acrylonitrile to acrylamine under neutral conditions a useful organic monomer.
1986 Prof. Rajinder Kumar
Chemical Engineering Indian Institute  of Science Bangalore
Development of new technologies for production of Copper Sulphate, Manganese Sulphate and activated Carbon. Design of energy efficient domestic stoves with agricultural waste as fuel.
Dr. G. R. Venkitakrishnan
Dy. Director & Head Process Development Division National Chemical Laboratory Pune
Development of process technologies for industrial organic chemicals.
1985 Dr. Gopalakrishna Thyagarajan 
Director Central Leather Institute Adyar, Madras
Development for processes for new types of pesticides used in agriculture and for tranquilizer drugs.
1984 Dr. A. V. Rama Rao
National Chemical Laboratory Pune
Organic Chemical Synthesis of biologically active drugs, pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, vitamins, industrial chemicals and intermediates.
1983 Shri M.R. Kurup
Director, SHAR Centre
P.O. Nellore A.P
Development of propellants and propellant systems for rockets for launching of space satellites.
1982 Dr. Paul Ratnasamy :
Head, Inorganic Chemical Division.
National Chemical Laboratory Pune
Heterogeneous Catalysis-Elucidation of surface-structure of Cobalt-  Molybdenum catalyst for Petroleum Refining Iron and Lanthanum  Silicate Zeolites.
1981 Prof. A. R. Vasudev Murthy

Prof. G. Suryan
Indian Institution of Science Bangalore

Synthetic quartz, ferromagnetic garnets and silicon leading to production of silicon based materials such as Silicon tetrachloride and ethyl silicate and electronic grade silicon.
1980 Dr. L. K. Doraiswamy
Director National Chemical Laboratory, Pune
Chemical reactions engineering and chemical engineering thermodynamics leading to development of indigenous technology and production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


Dr. K. S. G. Doss 
Former Director
Central Electrochemical Research
Institute Karaikudi
Discovery of Faradic rectification Radio frequency Polarograhy used to determine traces of metals and unique method of determining rates of fastest electrode reaction.
Dr. Sukh Dev 
Director Malti-Chem Research Centre Nandesari
Carene Molecule, production of menthol from careen, transformation of carene into transchrysanthermic acid.
1978 Dr. N. V. Bringi
Chief Scientist Hindustan Lever Research Centre Bombay.
Upgrading and utilization of minor oils such as Kusum, Karanja Neem, rice bran oil, castor oil for manufacture of soap.
1977 No Award
1976 No Award