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Board Of Advisors

Chairman, Board of Advisors, Prof. M. M. Sharma

Professor Man Mohan Sharma is an institution in himself, being the most decorated UDCT alumnus in the country whose life’s mission has been to serve the chemical industry and the profession of chemical science, engineering and technology.

He is a knowledge engineerwith unparallel record in the annals of chemical engineering and technology. Teaching, research and consultation have been his mantra and he has offered innumerable advices to industry and government on matters vital to the growth of chemical engineering science, education and nation at large.

Countless decorations, honors and fellowships have not stopped him from learning new things every day. Whether Moulton Medal of Institutionof Chemical Engineers (UK) (1971, 77), SS Bhatnagar prize of the CSIR for engineering sciences (1973), Padma Bhushan (1987), Fellowship of the Royal Society, London (1990), distinguished Academician Award, IIT Patna (2014) or Rajasthan Science Congress Award (2016);to cite just a few, he is as humble and inspiring educator and advisor as ever. He has 250 research papers in Chemical Engineering Science, Chemical Engineering Researchand Design and Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research to his credit. MMS, as he is popularly known, has supervised 71 Doctoral Thesis and 35 M Chem. Eng./ M.Sc. (Tech) Thesis.

UDCCT has been his Karma Bhumi and Chemical Engineering a RashtraKarya, MMS the unstoppable chemical engineer has brought international accolades to the Indian Chemical Engineering Profession and the University of Mumbai. He is the only engineer from the university system to be honored as Fellow of the Royal Society and UDCT and the University of Mumbai have benefitted immensely from his selfless service of the past four decades.

The Civilian award of PADMA VIBHUSHAN by the President of India on the Republic Day, the 26th January 2001 is a tribute to Professor Sharma’s monumental contribution to chemical engineering science and technology, Chemical industry and the government on important policy matters for nation building.




Board Of Advisors