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Biological Sciences & Technology


2021 Dr. Diwan S. Rawat
University of Delhi, New Delhi
For his contribution in synthesis of small organic molecules as potential anti-cancer, anti-parkinsonian and anti-tuberculosis drugs using molecular hybridisation technique.
2020 Dr. Debojyoti Chakraborty
Senior Scientist
CSIR-Institute of Genomics & Integrative Biology,
New Delhi
For his successful demonstration of reprogramming patient-derived Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) into Induced Pluripotent Cells (IPSCs).
Dr. Souvik Maiti
Principal Scientist
CSIR-Institute of Genomics & Integrative Biology,
New Delhi
For his contribution to our current understanding of drug development and Toxicity. He has designed, developed and applied small molecules, nanoparticles and molecular tools for chemically
modulating gene expression by targeting nucleic acid structures.
2019 Dr. P. Sharat Chandra
Professor & Head, Neurosurgery
AIIMs, New Delhi
For his contribution to the development of Epilepsy and spine surgery– bloodless surgery to make a very complex procedure Chemispherotomy very safe, effective and highly minimally invasive.
2018 Dr. Pankaj Seth
Scientist VI and Professor, National Brain Research Centre, Manesar, Gurgaon
For development of human neutral stemcell model system, which has advanced our knowledge in the area of healthy and diseased brain functions.
2017 Dr. Shyam Sundar
Professor of Medicine, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
For his pioneering work on rapid rK39 strip test which has resulted in breakthrough in the treatment of Kala-azar. There is a global application of this tool for the diagnosis of kala-azar.
2016 No Award
2015 Dr. K. S. M. S. Raghavarao
Chief Scientist, Department of Food Engineering, CSIR-CFTRI, Mysore
Application of principles of Chemical Engineering for process and product/ equipment development in the area of food engineering and biotechnology.
2014 Prof. Pradeep Ratilal Vavia
Professor of Pharmaceutics Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
For developing the Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Synthesis and application of novel polymers and excipients and targeted drug delivery in cancer treatment.
2013 Dr. Rohit Srivastava
Associate Professor, Department of Biosciences and Bioenginering, IIT Bombay, Mumbai
For development of a portable urine analysis systemuChek – a low cost smartphone based urine dipstick reader.
2012 Dr. Nihar Ranjan Jana
Professor, National Brain Research Centre, Manesar, Gurgaon
For his pioneering work in identifying two Ubiquitin Ligases (CHIP and Ube 3a) as important molecules that can enhance the clearance of mutant proteins in plyglutamine neurodegenerative disorders like Huntington’s Disease (HD).
2011 Dr. Anirban Basu
Associate Professor, National Brain Research Center, Haryana
He has discovered that activated microglia aggravate brain damage suppressors of central neurons system inflammation have a beneficial effect in a mouse model of JE.
2010 Prof. Arvind M. Lali
Prof. of Chemical Engg. & Head, DBT-ICT Centre for Energy Biosciences, ICT, Mumbai
He has contributed extensively in the area of bioprocessing and enzyme catalysis especially developing novel technology solutions for the modern day biotech and biopharma industry in India and abroad. Has developed a novel basic technology platform for India’s first major cellulosic Bio ethanol pilot plant.
2009 Prof. Kasturi Datta
Distinguished Biotechnology Prof. DBT, School of Environmental Sciences, New Delhi
She has contributed in the advancement of identifying a human novel gene habpl and its biological function in cellular signaling.
2008 No Award
2007 Dr. Navin Khanna
Senior Scientist & Group Leader, ICGEB, New Delhi
For development of Hepatitis B Vaccine & diagnostic kits.
2006 Dr. A. Ahmed
Senior Scientist E-II National Chemical Laboratory, Pune
For development of the technique for the synthesis of nano – materials mimicking biological systems & processes.
2005 Dr. Samir K. Brahmachari
Director General CSIR, New Delhi
For Development of structural flexibility of DNA, molecular analysis of genetic disorders and predictive markers of complex disorders.
2004 Dr. Balram Bhargava
AIIMS, New Delhi
For Development of coronary stent using platinum-iridium alloy for angioplasty.
2003 Dr. S. P. S. Khanuja
Director CIMAP, Lucknow
For development of elite chemo types of medicinal plants high value crops for agriculture and molecular markers for engineering the genotypes of plants.
2002 Dr. Mrs. Kiran Katoch 
Dy. Dir. & Head, Central JALMA Institute for Leprosy, Agra
For development of vaccine for immunotherapy and immunoprophylaxis of leprosy.
2001 Dr. Sudhanshu Vrati
Staff Scientist, National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi
For contribution in treatment of Japanese Encephalitis, major epidemic form of brain infection of children.
2000 Dr. Girish Sahni 
Scientist E II (CSIR).
For development of Streptokinase for treatment of myocardial infarction.
1999 Dr. P. V. Subba Rao
President, The U B Group
For development of biotechnologies such as Hydroxycitrisol.
1998 Dr. Rabindranath Mukhopadhyaya
Cell & Development Pathology Division, Cancer Research Institute, Mumbai
Characterization of HIV isolates and developments of Western Bolt for sero detection of HIV infection.
Dr. Mrs. Surekha M. Zingde 
Chemistry division, Cancer Research Institute, Mumbai
Checkmite and Soluneem based on natural products and antidotes for snakebites from chicken egg yolk.
1997 Dr. Vijay K. Chaudhry
Delhi University
1996 Dr. N. Kochupillai
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
Development of Radio-immunoassay (RIA) for eradication of nutritional iodine deficiency.
1995 Dr. Suresh Ramnath Naik
Dr. Girish Mahadeorao Bhopale 

Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd, Pune
Development of toxoplasma detection kits for antibodies in toxoplasmosis diseases.
1994 Dr. S. K. Gupta 
National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi
Development of immunodiagnostic kits for pregnancy detection, streptococci infection and causative agent for rheumatic fever.
1993 Dr. Ramamoorthy Vaidyanatha Swamy

Dr. Karumuru Mallikarajana Rao 
Joint Director, Defense Research & Development Establishment Gwalior

This research team in DRDE, Gwalior has developed after intensive laboratory, field and pilot plant studies (over a period of one decade), a technology for manufacture of the new multi-insect repellent namely N, N-diethylphenylacetamide (DEPA).
1992 Dr. Lalji Singh 
Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology, Hyderabad
Dr. Singh and his colleagues in the CCMB, at Hyderabad, developed a probe called Bkm-derived probe for NDA fingerprinting, As a fall out of their earlier Internationally well known work on the mechanisms of determination of sex.
1991 No Award
1990 No Award
1989 Dr. Suprabhat Ray

Dr. Ved Prakash Kamboj
Centaur Drug Research Institue, Lucknow

For having made outstanding contributions in the area of contraceptives by developing a novel non-steroidal postcoital orally effective drug Centchroman.
1988 Dr. A. F. Mascarenhas 
Scientist-F Div. of Biochemical Sciences  National Chemical Laboratory Pune
Application of plant cell culture Obtaining high multiplication rates for sugarcane Co-740 and elite varieties of cardamom for rapid clonal propagation of Eucalyptus tereticornis.
1987 Dr. V. C. Vora

Dr. M. C. Bhatia

Dr. S. K. Chatterjee 
Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow

Development of Fermentation Process Technology for converting benzaldehyde to 1-Phenyl acetyl carbinol an intermediate for 1-ephedrine hydrochloride.
1986 Dr. B. N. Dhawan :
Scientist Central Drug Research Institute Chattar Manzil Palace Lucknow
Pre-clinical and clinical evaluation leading to development of DILEX-C, CEMTOCAIN, CENTOSYN AND GUGLIP.
1985 Dr. Prabhakar Shripad Borkar

Dr. S. Ramachandran

Dr. Churya Sivaraman 
Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd. Pimpri Pune-411 018

Development of high-tech process for production of 6-APA.
1984 No Award
1983 Dr. A. P. Joshi

Dr. S. V. Gangal

Centre for Bio-Chemicals University of Delhi, New Delhi 110007

Production of Allergens for respiratory allergies. Propagation of therapy.
1982 No Award
1981 Dr. N. M. Khanna

Dr. Jagat Pal Singh Sarin

Dr. Satyawan Singh

Shri Ramesh Chandra Nandi 
Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow

Medicinal chemistry, development of new contraceptive agents, devices and drug delivery systems and drug Standardization.
1980 No Award
1979 Shri P.S. Appukuttan

Dr. Subal Bishayee

Dr. Avadesha Suroli

Dr. D. Thambi Dorai
Indian Institute of Experimental Medicine, Calcutta

Dr. Shiv Pillai Kothari
Centre of Gastro-enterology, Calcutta.

Development method of indigenous production of lectins having wide application in medicine and industry.
1978 Dr. V. Jagannathan
Dy. Director & Head, Biochemistry Division National Chemical Laboratory Pune.
Development of high-yielding virus-free sugarcane though tissue culture.
1977 No Award
1976 No Award