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2021 Dr. A. Kumaresan
Principal Scientist
ICAR-NDRI, Bengaluru
For his contribution in basic and applied research on rice genetics and breeding.
2020 Dr. A. Gopalakrishnan
For his contribution to the Genetic Stock Identification (GSI), species inventory, taxonomy, breeding and seed production of threatened and important species for mariculture, which has helped improve scientific knowledge on indian fishery.
2019 Dr. A.K. Singh
IARI, New Delhi
For his contribution in basic and applied research on rice genetics and breeding
2018 Dr. Amrish Kumar Tyagi
PS & Head, Animal Nutrition Division, NDRI, Karnal
For his contribution towards developing technologies to produce conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)-rich milk and ghee. Ruminant fat is the only significant source of CLA in the human diet to provide health benefits such as anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous and anti-obesity by reducing the risk of cardio-vascular and other diseases.
2017 Dr. Shelly Praveen
Head & Principal Scientist, Division of Biochemistry, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi
For employing latest biotechnological tools and viral ‘R’ genes for developing virus-resistant plants with no footprints of any exogenous protein.
2016 Dr. Pritam Kalia
Principal Scientist, Division of Vegetable Sciences, IARI, New Delhi
Understanding of genetic mechanism for hybrid breeding and development of nutraceutical-rich varieties of vegetables through traditional and molecular breeding.
2015 Dr. M. S. Chauhan
Director, ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Goats (CIRG), Makhdoom, Mathura (UP)
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) of embryos in cattle, buffalo, goat and yak, production of embryonic stem cell lines in buffalo cloning in buffalo and Ovum pick up (OPU) – IVF technology in cattle and yak. These technologies have helped produce superior quality animals — cloned buffaloes, Sahiwal cattle and yak in the country.
2014 Dr. P. K. Mukherjee
Scientific Officer G, Nuclear Agriculture and Biotechnology, Division, B.A.R.C, Mumbai.
For the development of technology to cultivate the most widely used bio-control fungus Trichoderma and for the development of novel genes and gene products for use in agriculture for biological control of plant diseases.
2013 Dr. Sanjay Kumar
Senior Principal Scientist, Biotechnology Division, CSIR- IHBT, Palampur,H.P.
For the development of technology of a novel enzyme “Superoxide dismutase” (SOD) associated with controlling oxygen toxicity arising out of oxidative stress in any living system.
2012 Dr. T. K. Srinivasa Gopal
Director, Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, Cochin
For development of Technology for Processing, Packaging and preservation of fish and other sea food products and for producing thermoformed trays – replacement for imported HDP containers.
2011 Dr. T. R. Sharma
Principal Scientist, NRC on plant Biotechnology, IARI, New Delhi
He has conducted genome sequencing projects for crops like rice, tomato, pigeonpea (Toor Dal), mesorhizobium mango and puccinia.
2010 Dr. Subodh Kumar Bhatnagar
Professor & Head, SVP University of Agriculture & Technology, Meerut
He has contributed significantly to Agro Science based on fundamentals of Agro growth and increased crop yields.
2009 Dr. K. Gopakumar
Former Deputy Director General (Fisheries) ICAR, New Delhi
For his contribution in research of structure, composition and biosynthesis of fatty acids in tropical fish, microbiology, Processing, development of fisheries products and waste utilization resulting into many novel and attractive processes.
2008 Dr. W. S. Lakra
Vice Chancellor & Director, Central Inst. of Fisheries Education, Mumbai
For developing DNA barcoding of a variety of Indian fish species and of fish cell and tissue culture techniques.
2007 Dr. R. K. Jain
Head, Division of Plant Pathology,
IARI, New Delhi
For development of virus resistant transgenic crop varieties of groundnut and papaya.
2006 Dr. D. D. Patra
Scientist G & Head Agronomy & Soil Science, CIMAP, Lucknow
For the development of the scientific understanding of the N 2fixation method and development of a slow release urea formulation for sustained availability of Nitrogen for plants and maintenance of soil fertility.
2005 Dr. Paramvir Singh Ahuja
I.H.B.T., Palampur
For Development of tea biotechnology consisting of micro propagated shoots on seedlings, characterising and DNA fingerprinting of tea germplasm and Catechinbiosynthetic pathway in tea.
2004 Dr. C. Chattopadhyay
NRC on Rapeseed Mustard, Bharatpur
For Development of integrated disease management in oilseeds and vegetable crops using eco-friendly strategies, plant extracts and identification of disease resistance in oilseed crops.
2003 Dr. Naseema Beevi

Dr. Thomas Biju Mathew

Dr. K. Saradamma
Kerala Agricultural University, Vellayani

For Development of Eco-Friendly pest control of coconut and palm health care practices.
2002 Dr. R. K. Pathak
Central Institute for Sub-tropical Horticulture, Lucknow
For development of agro-techniques for aonla, cultivation on sodic land, rejuvenation of mango, plant nutrient management and pest management.
2001 Dr. Subhas Chandra Mukherjee
Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai
For development of Polyvalent Vaccine for immunization against aeromonas hydrophila.
2000 Dr. P. Ananda Kumar
IARI, Delhi
For development of fruit borer resistant Bt strains for brinjal, tomato, potato and cabbage.
1999 Dr. T. S. Verma 
IARI Regional, HP


Dr. S. Joshi

Dr. P. C. Thakur
Principal Scientists, IARI

For development of a variety of Paprika for Oleroresin extraction. The variety Kt P1-19 has been produced and distributed to commercial units for Oleroresin extraction and powder making.
1998 Prof. Jeevan Prakash Verma
Plant Pathology, IARI, New Delhi
Development of bacterial damage control of cotton.
Dr. Om Prakash Govila  
Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi
Development of Downy mildew resistant hybrid for breeding of pollinator.
1997 Dr. Y. R. Sarma 
Indian Institute of Spices Research, Calicut
Contribution to disease control of black pepper, cardamom, ginger and cashew.
1996 Dr. Raj Krishan Gupta
A.D.G (Soil) I.C.A.R.
Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi
Development of nutrient sorption of alkali soil, salt tolerance of  plants, tree sapling in saline soil and skimming fresh water from saline ground water.
1995 Dr. V. Arunachalam
M S Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai

Shri M. S. Swaminathan 
Research Foundation, Chennai

Rationalizing genetic concepts in plant breeding.
1994 Dr. Rattan Lal Yadav 
Cropping Systems Research Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Meerut
Developing of Integrated Nutrient Supply and Management system for Soil Fertility and Productivity of sugarcane.
1993 Dr. Jawaharlal Sehgal
National Bureau of Soil Survey, Nagpur
Developed a 3-tier resource mapping methodology using image interpretation, field surveys and cartography. Soil resource mopping and agro-ecological zoning have provided rationale to take land use planning decisions for increased agricultural production on sustainable basis.
1992 Dr. Shanti Lal Mehta 
Indian Agricultural Research Institute,
New Delhi
Significant research contributions have been made in the areas of Genetic Engineering of Lathyrus sativus to obtain low toxin cultivar molecular mechanism of storage protein biosynthesis in high lysine cereals, Co-sensitivity of cytochrome oxides differences in plants and nutrition.
1991 Dr. Raj Mani Pandey For his pioneering work in tissue culture especially pertaining to the cultivation of papayas of a known sex type is one of the most speedy and cost-effective methods to date.
1990 Dr. Yash Pal Abrol  Elucidated the biosynthesis of a number of cyanogenic compounds.
1989 Dr. Anupam Varma For developing technologies for quick and reliable diagnosis of viral and mycoplasmal diseases (VMDs) of crop plants.
1988 Dr. G. S. Sekhon 
Potash Research Inst. Of India, Gurgaon
Studies on soil potassium, evaluation of phosphorus Fertilizers, soil testing, plant analysis, environmental pollution leading to optimum use of fertilizers and nutrients.
1987 Dr. S. M. Patel
Indian Institute of Low Resistance
Improvement of existing agricultural pump sets. Development of low resistance foot valve for lift irrigation.
1986 Dr. S. C. Mohapatara 
Central Avian Research Institute, Izatnagar
Poultry Breeding commercial exploitation of IL-I-80 Strain.
Dr. Dalbir Singh 
College of Agriculture PAU, Ludhiana
Poultry Breeding leading to commercial exploitation of two strains PB – I and
Pb – II.
1985 Dr. Inder Pal Abrol  
Central Soil Salinity Research Institute, Haryana
Research and Development of Salt affected soils. Reclamation and utilization of Alkali soils for agriculture and agro forestry.
1984 Dr. S. Bhaskaran
Hindustan Level Research Centre, Bombay
Plant Tissue Culture-application to Coconut plantation, cardamon, sugarcane and tomato.
1983 Dr. Akhtar Hussain 
Central Institute of Medical & Aromatic Plants Lucknow
Development of Agro Technology including disease control, cultivation and processing of Medicinal plants and essential oil bearing plants.
Dr. B. R. Tyagi  
Plant Breeding Centre Institute of Control, Medicinal & Aromatic Plants, Lucknow
Development of Agro Technology including disease control, cultivation and processing of Medicinal plants and essential oil bearing plants.
1982 Dr. S. K. Sinha  
Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi
Cultivation practices of pulses and wheat selection of mutants’ responsive irrigation photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation in pulses.
1981 Dr. B. H. Katarki   
Agricultural Research Station Dharwad (Karnataka State)
Cotton research leading to development and release to varalaxmi, Jayalaxmi, Soubhagya and DB-3-12 varieties and various hybrids.
1980 Dr. E. A. Siddiq
Division of Genetics Indian Agricultural
Research Institute New Delhi
Physiochemical and genetic aspects of rice quality leading to quick maturing varieties of basmati rice.
1979 Dr. N. Ganga Prasad Rao
National Research Centre, Hyderabad
The improvement of oilseeds, Pulses and discovery of apomixes in sorghum.
1978 Dr. S. H. Patil 
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Bombay
Development of 20 Trombay groundnut varieties with use of mutations giving more oil content and higher yields per hectare.
Dr. G. S. Venkatraman  
Indian Agricultural Research Institute New Delhi
Algology-biological Nitrogen fixation by blue-green Algae and its utilization for rice cultivation.
1977 Dr. C. T. Patel 
Research Project Co-ordinator I.C.M.F. Surat
Evolution of varied types of cotton and Hybrid-4 variety in particular.
Shri M. J. Balkrishna Rao 
Geneticist Botanist central Rice Research Institute Cuttack (Orissa)
Development of varieties of rice like Padma, Krishna and Bala.
1976 Dr. G.J. Patel 
Project Co-ordinator (Tobacco),
Agricultural University Anand
High Yield hybrid variety of bidi tobacco.