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Mechanical & Structural Sciences & Technology

2015 Dr Naresh Chandra Murmu
Pr. Scientist & Head CSIR-Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Durgapur
Contribution in the field of micro/ nano-manufacturing, bearing and lubricants, surface coating and nano composites.
2014 Shri M. Vasudevan Unni (Team leader)

Shri G. Radhakrishnan
Shri K. M. Chandran

Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre ,Trivandrum
For developing indigenous design and realization of a high capacity electrodynamic shaker-slip table system for environmental vibration testing of launch vehicle sub-assemblies.
2013 Prof. R. N.Iyengar
Director, Centre for Disaster Mitigation, Jain University, Bangalore
For developing the methods to analyze and improve performance of Nuclear Plants, Railway Tracks, Defense Equipments and Civil Structures subject to uncertain forces.
2012 Prof. D. V. Singh
Former Director, IIT Roorkee
For developing and providing solutions to dynamic problems of Single Track Vehicles, design of hydrostatic bearing with restrictor system, and developing the Pavement Management System (PMS).
2011 Dr. G. N. Dayananda
Chief Scientist & Head Centre for Societal Missions and Special Technologies, National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore
For his innovative research and development in the area of advanced materials and structural systems. A group led by him has successfully designed and developed aerospace-grade Autoclaves (high pressure vessels with internal temperature control) which are critical for the manufacture of the carbon fibre composite (CFC) structural components for the airframes of aerospace vehicles.
2010 Prof. Pradip Dutta
INAE Chair Prof. Dept. of Mechanical Engg. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
He has contributed significantly in basic and applied research in heat transfer, energy systems and other advanced technologies pertaining to thermal sciences that include innovative process development for defect free light metal castings, development of new cooling technologies for thermal management, solar thermal technologies, development of new adsorption-based technologies for refrigeration and natural gas storage, together with the development of advanced CFD models and tools pertaining to the above processes.
2009 Dr. Perumal Chellapandi
Outstanding Scientist, Director, Reactor Design Group Indira Gandhi Center for Atomatic Research, Kalpakkam
He has made sustained contributions in the challenging conditions of structural integrity under static, transient and seismic conditions for sodium cooled fast breeder reactors.
2008 Dr. Pawan Kumar Goenka
President, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Mumbai
For contribution in the area of Indigenous development of Automobiles and its components.
2007 Dr. V. Bhujanga Rao
Distinguished Scientist & Director Naval Science & Technological Lab. DRDO, Visakhapatnam
For the successful design and development of various stealth technologies for warships submersible and submarine systems as also the developed indigenous cochlear implant device.
2006 Captain N S Mohan Ram
Advisor, TVS Motor Co. Ltd. Tamil Nadu
For development of India's first indigenous frigatewarship and conducting researches and exploration of the methods for recycling of automobiles and also designing Coast Guard Offshore Patrol Vessels, Jacket Launch barge, Voith Schneider Tugs, Diving Support Vessels and Passenger ferries.
2005 Dr. Milind V Rane professor
Mechanical Engg Department IIT Mumbai
For Development of Matrix heat recovery unit for recovering heat from engine exhaust, engine cooling fluid and refrigeration system.
2004 Dr. Prabir Chandra Basu
Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Mumbai
For Development of high performance concrete (HPC) and high volume fly ash concrete (HVFAC) for nuclear power plant structures.
2003 Mr. Subhash Chander Chetal
Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Vellayani
Research, Kalpakkam
For Development of Fast Breeder reactor for Nuclear power generation.
2002 Shri R S Yadav

Shri A B Mukherjee
BARC, Mumbai

Shri C N Ravi
BHEL, Tiruchy
For development of Pipe-in-Pipe nozzle, large size sealing arrangement in pressure vessel and heat exchanger for critical equipment in compact reactor.
2001 Shri P M Kantak
Dy. General Manager, Air India, Mumbai
For development of static balancing method for air craft rotor.
2000 Shri Ratan Kumar Sinha

Shri B B Rupani

Shri B S V G Sharma
BARC, Mumbai
For various sensors for inspection, rehabilitation camera based alignment system and life management of pressure tubes of pressurized heavy water reactor.
1999 Dr V S Chandrasekharan 
IIT, Mumbai 
For development of Geotechnical centrifuge for foundations, dams, tunnels, offshore structures and earthquake engineering. 
1998 Shri R. K. Gargye  
Maintenance Superintendent, 
Narora Atomic Power Station, U.P.
Development of the method for en-masse coolant channel replacement in nuclear reactor.
1997 No Award  
1996 Dr. H.S. Chandraseckariah  
Senior Scientist, Prototype Fabrication Group,
Gas Turbine Research Establishment, Bangalore. 
Development of investment casting and light alloy structure casing.
1995 Shri M.K. Abdul Majeed   
Group Director, 
Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Trivandrum.
Development of Stage Auxiliary system and Mechanism for launch vehicle.
1994 Dr. S. V. Damle 
Tata Institute for Fundamental Research, Mumbai.
Development of scientific balloon for carrying heavy telemetry instruments to stratospheric altitudes.
1993 Shri P. Muthukumaraswamy  
Research Associate 

Dr. S.S. Ramasamy 
The South India Textile Research Association Coimbatore 
They designed Polynomial High Speed Cams for Weft Knitting Machine, which has got substantial advantage. It is possible to convert all the existing Indigenous Circular Weft Knitting Machine with High Speed Cam system.
1992 Shri S. B. Bhoje 
Director, Reactor Group, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam 
He co-ordinated the work in progressively raising the power of Fast Breeding Reactors. This was achieved to a level of 1 MWT. Without system generator and during this low power phase, the reactor availability was increased to 50%.
1991 Shri S.B. Bhagat 

Shri Arun Kumar Roy 
He has developed milling of crankshaft pin and journal. He has
developed double twist bunching machine, steel wire shaving machine and magnetic clutch for Tata P&H excavator.
1990 Shri Madhav Prabhakar Kawthekar 

Shri Shreesh Prabhakar Kawthekar 
Development of 4 axis CNC electric discharge machine.
1989 ShriPrem Nath Bhambi

Shri Harish Kumar Madan  

Shri Kuldeep Narayan Dobhal 
Development of film burner for residual fuel.
1988 Shri S.K. Mehta
Director, Reactor Group B.A.R.C., Bombay

Shri S.M. Sundaram 
Chairman & Chief Executive Heavy Water Board 
Anushaktinagar Bombay
Design, engineering, construction and commissioning of high Neutron 
flux thermal research reactor “DHRUVA”.
1987 Shri P.c. Sasidharan Nair
Asst. General Manager

Shri P. Venkatraman 
Dy. Chief Engineer

Shri E.K. Sasidharan 
Sr. Design Engineer 
Hindustan Machine Tools Ltd., Kalamsary
Development of advanced “Medium duly slant bed CNC Turning Centre STC-25”.
1986 Dr. S. Rajagopalan

Dr. A. Krishnan 
National Aeronautical Laboratory, Bangalore 

Shri A.V. Ramani 
Shree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Science and Technology, Trivandrum
Development of Electrochemical Milling Technology, Electrochemical Milling Machine and its applications.
1985 Shri Areckal Paul Jayarajan 

Shri Suresh Chandra Tapda 
Indian Institute of Astrophysics Bangalore 560034 
Development and construction of Asia’s largest Vainu Bappu reflection Optical Telescope. Co-ordinating the project management task of commissioning at Kavalur Observatory.
1984 No Award  
1983 Dr. V. Ramamurti 
Professor Dept. of Applied Mechanics Indian Institute of Technology Madras 600036
Improved design, performance and development of equipment and machinery such as Cement Plant Machinery, Turbo machinery.
1982 No Award  
1981 Shri Santosh Kumar De   
The SKD Combustion & Engineering Calcutta. 
Design and engineering of oil injection system for Blast furnaces using light naphtha/furnace oil and in low shaft furnace.
Shri Torun Chandra Boruah 
Tocklai Experimental Station Jorhat. Assam State. 
Development of continuous Roller Machine for rolling withered leaves for production of black and green tea.
1980 No Award  
1979 Prof. S. Durvasula

Prof. S.N.V.Rao

Prof. T.N.Krishnaswamy

Shri K. Ramamurthy Reddy

Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
Analytical and experimental techniques in the field Aero-Elasticity, Aerodynamics, Oscillation of structures, Buckling and Random vibrations.
1978 Dr. S.R. Valluri 
Director National Aeronautical Laboratory Bangalore.
Metal fatigue and fracture related to Aeronautics.
1977 Shri Satish Mehta  
Dy. Operations Manager W.G. Forge & Allied Industries Bombay.
Developing Electrical Discharge Machine for manufacture of dies.
Shri S.V. Kothari   
Partner Paramount Furnace Co. Nagpur. 
Development of Induction Furnace suitable for operations with H2/N2 gas mixtures for application in power metallurgy and electronics.
1976 Shri R.S. Bir
Consulting Engineer Ind. Design Center Bangalore
Design and development of machine tools.
Dr. C.V. Venkatesh
Prof & Head Production Engineering Section  Madras.
Design and development of Cutting tools and machine tools including machinery for processing plastics.
Indian Institute of Technology