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Information & Communication Technology

2018 Dr. Sushil Chandra
Head of Biomedical Engineering Department, Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, Delhi
For his contribution towards neuro-cognitive assessment, rehabilitation, training and enhancement using modern techniques based on Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR).
2017 Prof. B. S. Jagadeesh
Distinguished Scientist & Associate Director (C), E&I Group& Head, Computer Division, BARC, Mumbai
For outstanding contributions in systems and application software in High Performance Computing, Parallel Processing, Grid Computing, Cloud Computing and Computer Networks projects of strategic importance in the Department of Atomic Energy and other institutions in the Country and international mega science projects.
2016 Dr V. RamgopalRao
Director, IIT Delhi
Contribution in the area of nano-technology. Development of the system-on-chip technologies used in modern consumer applications. Combination of chemistry with nano-electronics to build sensor platforms for future IoT applications.
2015 Prof. Anurag Kumar
Director, IISc, Bengaluru
Development of the theory and practice of performance analysis and management of telecommunication networks.
2014 Shri Sunil Khandbahale
Founder,, Nasik
For building a technology enabled Multi-lingual translation platform for languages with extensive vocabulary and for his first ever search-engine algorithm for Marathi language and spell checker software programme.
2013 Dr. Hemant Darbari
Executive Director, C-DAC, Pune
For the development of Computer Assisted Translation Systems, Natural Language Based Information Extraction / Retrieval System, Packages for learning Indian languages through Artificial Intelligence and high performance computing system.
2012 Prof. Shiban K. Koul
Dy. Director, (Strategy & Planning), IIT, Delhi
For development of an housing assembly for Phase Shifter and products made thereof (Patent assigned to AstraMicrowave -DRDO), suspended stripline to NRD guided transition and Hybrid integrated NRD guided Branch Line Coupler.
2011 Dr. Pradeep Kumar Sinha
Senior Director (HPC and R & D), Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Pune
He has led national programs for building Supercomputing Systems and National Supercomputing Facilities, which have helped researchers and scientists carry out their research effectively. He steered the development and deployment of ICT enabled healthcare solutions for better healthcare services to citizens.
2010 Prof. Rajat Moona,
Director General, C-DAC, Pune
He has contributed in the development of several large scale applications of ICT at C-DAC and also lead the initiatives in High Performance Computing, multilingual computing, professional electronics, cyber security, cyber forensics, health informatics, software technologies and education and training.
2009 Dr. Raghunath K. Shevgaonkar
Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
He has outstanding accomplishments in use of ICT for Higher Education.
2008 Shri Vivek Sawant
Managing Director, Maharashtra, Knowledge Corporation Ltd. Pune.
For contribution in the field of e-Governance & I.T. literacy in the State of Maharashtra.
2007 Dr. Rajeev Sangal
Director, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad.
For development of "anuskara system" (Paninian Grammer framework for Natural language Processing, NLP) where translation of Information from regional such as Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali & Punjabi into Hindi is made feasible languages.
2006 Dr. Surendra Prasad
Director, IIT, Delhi.
For development of new techniques and algorithms for signal processing and its application in Sonar and Seismic signal processing and in Digital Communication Networks
2005 Dr. Rajendra Pawar
Chairman NIIT Ltd.
For contribution to education and training in information technology.
2004 Prof D Dutta Majumdar
Professor Emeritus,ISI Kolkata.
For pioneering contributions in computer's memory system, intelligent recognition of non-numerical information and fuzzy soft computing approaches to pattern recognition.
2003 Dr. R Narasimhan
Former Professor of Eminence,TIFR, CMC Fellow, Banglore.
For his contribution to parallel-processing techniques retinal-image processing system and visual data processing
2002 Dr. Om Vikas
Senior Director, M/o Communications & Information Technology, New Delhi.
For contribution to Indian language processing, translation support and human machine interface systems.
2001 Dr. N. Vijayaditya
Director General, National Informatics Centre, New Delhi.
For contribution in Computer data base management system NICNET.
2000 Dr. P. P. Gupta  
Former Mng. Director, CMC. 
For significant and distinguished contributions to the growth of Information Technology in India. 
1999 Shri F. C. Kohli
Dy. Chairman, TCS. 
For contribution to information technology. He participated in information revolution and software development. He has been
pioneer in emerging technologies such as speech and handwriting recognition systems.